Home Bathroom Remodeling Projects (2022) – All You Have To Know About Bathtub Reglazing

When it comes to home improvements we often tend to ignore that portion of the house where we spend a considerable amount of time next only to our living and bedrooms, i.e our bathrooms. But bathrooms tend to recover 50-70% of their remodeling budget or more, so it’s a smart way to upgrade your home for your own enjoyment while recouping some of the cost at resale. One of the absolute wisest bathroom updates is to bathtub reglazing. Any time you repair and resurface your tub, tile, or sink, it quickly increases the look and value of your bathroom.

And we have our own reasons. Some of you may feel that bathrooms should simply be functional and should solely suffice the purpose and there is no need of enhancing its look or feel. And many of you might feel that bathroom renovations and refurbishments are pretty expensive.

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Partly true; but what if you knew that bathrooms can not only be functional, they can be used to enhance the look and the feel of the house too. And that too at costs that you never thought could be so low. One such thing that can truly transform your bathroom is through Reglazing or Refinishing. This is one term that you might have often come across when talking about bathroom enhancements. You can reglaze and refinish a lot in your bathrooms.

The fixtures and things in your bathroom that you can reglaze include your bathtubs, bathroom tiles, showers, sink, etc. So, in this piece, we will look into finding out everything that you must know about reglazing. Let us begin by knowing a little more about reglazing.

What Is Reglazing?

Reglazing is a term that is often used to describe the restoration of old bathroom tiles, bathtubs, sinks, etc through a process of recoating and refinishing. Reglazing can help you in reviving an old and abandoned bathtub, dilapidated bathroom tiles, and flooring as well as many other types of bathroom fittings and fixtures. Let us look at the various bathroom parts and fixtures that can be restored using reglazing one by one.


Bathtub is a bathroom fitting that can truly enhance or mar the entire look and feel of your bathroom. That is because bathtubs take a large place in your bathroom and having a shabby-looking old and stained bathroom can completely kill the appearance. As such bathtub refinishing or reglazing is one of the prominent ways of tub restoration nowadays. Reglaze tub to bring it back to its original form without a fuss.

Bathroom Tiles

Ever entered a bathroom with yellow stained tiled walls and floors? The very idea of entering such a bathroom makes you feel sick. Instead of replacing old tiles, reglazing bathroom tiles is a cost-effective and easy way of giving a new look to your bathroom. You can reglaze all your tiles in nearly half the cost, in minimum time and with little effort.


You can even give your old stained shower units a completely new look using the reglazing techniques. Now refinish shower as new without having to change or replace any part of the unit. Restore your showers to their original shining form without spending a fortune.


Your bathroom sinks also get stained with time and prolonged usage. Now no matter how old your bathrooms are, reglaze sink with ease and bring them back to life. Revive them into their pristine form with little efforts or expenses with reglazing.

Apart from these, there can be many other bathroom parts and fixtures that can be reglazed and refinished to revive them back to their original forms. Basically, any component or part that is made from ceramic can be reglazed and restored using this technique, for instance, a countertop. Now that we know that most portions of our bathroom can be restored using this technique, let us find out more about the reglazing process.

The Process – What’s Involved?

The process of reglazing is nothing but coating your existing tub or tile surfaces with a new coating. This simply means that the old surface is re-glazed with a new coat and gets back its original shine and sheen. If we look at it, the process of reglazing can be divided into a few steps – let us look at these steps in detail.

Step 1: Masking Off The Old Coating

Just like what we do when we repaint an existing surface with a new paint coat when reglazing a tub, the same thing is done. This is the step when the bathtub surface or the tile surface is prepared for applying the new coat. The surface is cleaned thoroughly with a good cleaner and made ready for the new coat to be sprayed. Any repairs are carried out in this step and it may also involve de-glazing using an acid. The preparation is the most important step of the job and if this step is not done the right way, the results can be disastrous.

Step 2: Applying/Spraying An Adhesive

This is the second step in the process where a high-quality adhesive material is applied on the surface of the bathtub. The purpose of the adhesive material is to ensure that once the glossy refinisher is applied it sticks to the surface properly without spreading unevenly or falling off. The adhesive basically is used so that a strong molecular bond is formed between the surface and the refinisher chemical applied.

Step 3: Spraying The Refinisher/Reglazing Material

This is the final step where the topcoat that is primarily made of urethane is applied on the bathtub and/or on the tiles that need to be reglazed. The best part of it is that you can pick and choose any color – so a pink bathtub can be a reality with reglazing. And that’s it. The drying time is about 24 hours and your bathtub is reborn.

So, if you see in just three simple steps your bathtub that has been lying like an old and unused piece of junk can be completely revived and made ready for use again. The process is easy, takes very less time (about 5 hours for a bathtub or an entire bathroom), and costs a lot less than replacements which are usually between $250 to $600 depending on your location. Plus you save all the fuss and costs involved in demolition before a replacement.

Now that we covered reglazing and how reglazing is done, let us answer some pertinent questions around the same.


Can You Reglaze Or Refinish Your Bathtub Yourselves?

This is an obvious question in your mind. You can do most of the painting work yourself. The steps in the painting work are more or less the same and so you would think that you can do the reglazing work for your bathrooms yourself. But, our recommendation is to leave this simple looking job to the experts. But Why? Let us find out.

The preparation process and the reglazing and coating process in itself involve the release of a lot of toxic gases and fumes. These fumes need to be dealt with properly failing which they can prove to be dangerous. As such this job should be left to the professionals – they carry their own protective gear, which includes masks, coveralls, and a HEPA filter.

They make sure that the apartment is properly ventilated before the process starts and if need be they would deploy powerful fans so that all the hazardous fumes and vapors are exhausted outside the house. They carry exhaust equipment such as fume exhausters, sprayers, etc to do the job with ease.

So, to answer the question – No you should not take this as a DIY task and leave it to the experts and professionals.

When Can Reglazing Go Wrong?

Any job may go wrong if of course the preparation of the job was not done well. The same stands true for reglazing work. But there can be various other reasons why when things can go wrong in a reglazing work:

When Scrubbing Or Sanding Is Done Too Much 

If the scrubbing or the scraping of the surface is overdone, it can cause holes or punctures to the surface of the bathtub and that can, later on, cause more damage to the structure when acid or other chemical treatment is done.

It is recommended that you do not get into scrubbing and preparation work yourself as you would not know how much of it will be adequate.

When Substandard Materials Are Used

Using low-quality materials such as the urethane topcoat or even a low-quality bonding agent can lead to a shabby piece of work. The coating will peel off soon if poor quality materials are used.

It is therefore recommended that you check the quality of the materials used – right from the cleaning agent, the acid used, the bonding adhesive, and the urethane coat.

Not Allowing The Drying Or Setting Time

After the reglazing work is done there is a minimum amount of time for which you would need to let your reglazed surface be. This is to allow the coating to dry and bond thoroughly with the surface so that it does not start peeling off too soon. If this time is now allowed and the bathtub is exposed to moisture and daily usage too soon, the coating can start coming off in a few weeks.

It is recommended to allow a drying time of at least 24 hours or even more if possible so that the urethane coating sets well and dries perfectly.

Hiring An Amateur Agency

You may hire an agency that is new in business and is offering to work at very low rates and thus increase the chances of the job done all wrong.

It is suggested that you look around and check the ratings and the reviews of the service providers before choosing one. Look at things like their years in business and their customer support and reviews among other things.

So, to answer this question – your reglazing job can go wrong due to shabby preparation, use of low-quality materials, not allowing adequate drying time, trusting an amateur agency, etc. Consider the recommendations to avoid such scenarios.

How Long Does A Reglazed Bathtub Last?

This is another interesting question that many of the users ask. This is a determinant of whether to go ahead with replacing the bathtub entirely or to invest in reglazing. You would certainly want to invest in something that did not really last. The longevity of the reglazed bathtub, however, will depend on the following factors:

• the quality of the work done.
• the quality of the refinishing products used.
• the prep process of the surface.
• the care and maintenance procedures used.

So to answer the question – the longevity of your reglazed bathtub depends on various factors that include the quality of the work done and products used. Typically your reglazed bathtub if done correctly can last for a good 7 to 10 years. You will also have to ensure that the bathtub is properly maintained so that you can increase its life span a little more.

Now that we have touched the maintenance part, let us look at the care and maintenance of your reglazed bathtubs in a little detail.

Care And Maintenance

The best part about your reglazed bathtubs and/or tiles is the fact that they need little care and live on for years. You do not need to do anything special to take care of your bathtubs. But all you need to be sure of is to ensure that if there are any falling off pieces or chips, they are to be repaired immediately. Apart from that, the usual care procedures would include not allowing water or moisture accumulated on the surface always. When not in use ensure that the bathtubs are wiped clean of water and other droplets so that there is no chance of any piece or chip falling off. Avoid placing shampoo bottles or other cosmetic products on the surface of the bathtub. And in general, clean it with a mild cleaning agent regularly to keep the stains away and shine alive.

The Bottomline

With all the numerous benefits of reglazing, you should have no second thoughts on opting for a reglazing over a replacement of bathtubs, tiles, sinks, showers, or even countertops. All of that can be revived and given a new lease of life using reglazing. But make sure you choose a professional only for reglazing and refinishing of your bathroom surfaces. Make use of this article for everything else that you need to know about it. Happy Refinishing!!

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