Have You Ever Imagined About A Transparent Home? Learn This Glass Floor Design And Panel 2022

Among the most exotic sorts of floors the glass floor certainly takes the first place. Unique properties of glass, first of all its transparency, give to designers a possibility to create the original interiors saturated with light and optical effects.

Glass Floor Design

The considered sort of the glass floor consists of a framing and glass panels installed on it. Glass panels are made of the multilayered triplex that is capable to bear considerable loadings. The top glass becomes heat-strengthened to increase stability against scratching and fretting. Also the top glass can be replaceable. The glass is laid on a load-bearing framework through compactors.

The thickness and quantity of the glass panels forming triplex depends on a planed operative conditions of a floor and are calculated individually in each separate case. A sufficient margin of safety is a warranty that the floor from the laminated glass will keep a necessary load-carrying capacity and will not fall under the influence of operational loading even in case of destruction of one and sometimes two layers.

Both frame structures and punctiform systems of bracing with use of the spiders supplied with hinge joints are applied for the installation of glass panels. Absence of massive frames that allows achieving easiness and lightness of glass floorings also concerns to advantages of punctiform systems of bracing.

Anti-Sliding Precautions

In some cases the ability of a floor to resist to sliding is of a great importance: usually it is working areas at outer doors, floors in pools, bathrooms etc. There the probability of a traumatism is great enough because water sharply reduces frictional properties of footwear on smooth surfaces in general and on a glass in particular. There is a number of the ways which allow giving to a glass some roughness, for example, the grit blasting and serigraphy.

The grit blasting promotes increase of frictional properties, masks the micro defects appearing on a surface of a glass under the influence of abrasive particles (sand), but also considerably reduces its transparency.

Serigraphy is received in result of drawing of special enamel on a glass. A panel prepared in such a way is placed in a furnace, where enamel is tightly sintered in a glass surface layer under the influence of a high temperature. Such glass surface finishing provides maximum wear resistance.

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