Home Bathroom Remodeling Strategies 2021 – Learning How To Refinish A Bathtub

You want to refinish your bathtub because you want to change it’s color or just cant clean it anymore and very dull of age of cleaning .You can also choose to refinish it because it’s stained or chipped. Refinishing the surface of your existing bathtub, instead of buying and installing a new tub, is a less expensive way to make a tub look new. This article explains how to refinish bathtubs.

Steps Of Bathtub Refinishing:


Tear out your existing tub/shower and replace will cost you around $3500


Refinishing hire bathtub refinishing company. DIY is great for many things, but it is virtually impossible to do a decent bathtub refinishing job by yourself. Porcelain, fiberglass, and cast-iron tubs can all be refinished.

Tub Liners

At prices equal to or greater than refinishing, bathtub liners are not the bargain option. But they are almost full price of replacement, and unlike refinishing, you never worry about the finish wearing away.

DIY Refinishing

Worth mentioning as something you probably do not want to take on. Nearly impossible to achieve a smooth finish, and DIY finishes will begin to peel and chip soon after. This is best left to professional bathtub finishers.

Preparing Bathtub Surface

  1. Clean the entire surface of the bathtub with chemical cleaners to remove any soap scum and dirt residue. The chemical cleaners will also help the bonding agent adhere to the surface.
  2. Rinse and dry all surfaces thoroughly.
  3. Use a palm sander to gently roughen the surfaces you plan to refinish to make it easier for the paint to bond with the surface.
  4. Tape paper or plastic over any surfaces you do not want to paint. Keep in mind that you’ll be painting with a spray gun, so you may want to cover a larger than you would if painting with a brush.
  5. Use a spray bottle to apply a bonding agent before painting if your bathtub is porcelain. Allow 5 minutes for the bonding agent to dry.

Refinishing Bathtub Steps

  1. Prepare the primer according to the package instructions. Pour the primer into the paint pot of the spray gun. Attach the paint pot to the spray gun.
  2. Paint each surface back and forth in an even motion for consistent coverage. Apply 2 coats of primer, allowing at least 30 minutes between coats for the primer to dry.
  3. Apply 3 coats of acrylic topcoat. Wait at least 30 minutes between each coat.
  4. Allow 24 to 48 hours before using your newly resurfaced bathtub.

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