Home Environment Improvement Beginning With Flooring 2021: Knowing More About PVC Plastic Floor Covering

Covering PVC For Floors

This sort of coverings for a floor is made of polymeric mass with application of various plasticizers, diluents, filling materials and dyes. Polyvinylchloride acts as a connecting agent. They are suitable for living rooms, educational facilities, shops, hospitals and offices due to high durability, resistance to wear and rotting, small heat conductivity, high hygienic property and the wide variety of drawings.

There are some restrictions in use of PVC coverings: they are sensitive to heats and unstable to acetone and other strong solvents. They shouldn’t be laid near heating systems where air temperature can exceed 40-50°C. It is impossible to use PVC coverings in the open air because they collapse under the influence of an adverse weather conditions – heat, cold, atmospheric precipitation.

The Types Of PVC Coverings

Depending on a structure these coverings are divided on homogeneous and heterogeneous. The homogeneous covering is a homogeneous for all thickness covering that is strong and elastic. Drawing penetrates into all the thickness of coverings therefore even by non-uniform wear of a material its exterior look remains invariable.

Heterogeneous PVC coverings have more difficult structure than homogeneous one. Its basis contains the layer of glass cloth with the width from two to four meters depending on desirable width of a product. This layer is some kind of “backbone” on which other layers of PVC covering are fastened, therefore the density and durability of glass cloth are very important.

If to compare these two types of PVC covering their wear resistance will be approximately identical. However if it’s necessary to make a floor in a room with not only a high rate of operation but also the high risk of mechanical damages, so in this case the homogeneous covering will be more expedient. If there is a need of an additional warm and sound insulation it’s better to take advantage of a heterogeneous covering or a homogeneous material with the foam base sheet.

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