Home Owners Attention 2021! FAQs & Tips For Bathroom Remodeling And Home Renovation

How long does it take from start to finish?

Two weeks or less usually. The bathroom remodeling contractor needs to have access from 8 to 10 hours per day Monday through Friday.

Will my house get dust everywhere?

The bathroom remodeling contractor should start every day by covering any floor he walks on with protective paper and tarps. He should also seal the bathroom doorway with preformed plastic, industrial style air seal to keep dust from getting anywhere but out the window. He should also use a negative airflow system which means he forces the dusty air out a window or through a duct to prevent your house from getting dirty. It is called a โ€œWhite Gloveโ€ renovation process.

What happens if one of contractor gets injured while working in my home?

The bathroom remodeling contractor should be fully insured so you are never at fault or at risk.

Does the bathroom remodeling contractor use subcontractors or employees?

Both, depending on the specifics of the bathroom. The main contractor manages employed carpenters, painters, and tile setters. He may subcontract with a professional plumbing company and a professional electrical company when needed.

Do your workers wear shirts? Low pants?

The bathroom remodeling contractor should dress with respect. You should voice out if there is any concerns.

Where does the bathroom remodeling contractor go to the bathroom?

The bathroom remodeling contractor usually use a portable bathroom, that he supplies.

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