Home Self Repair Works 2022: What To Do For Peeling Bathtub & Chipping Bathtub?

What Can I Do If My Bathtub Is Peeling Or Chipping?

We get questions from people every day on bathtubs that are peeling, chipping, or flaking. Generally what has happened is someone has a used a do-it-yourself kit, a bathtub company that did not pay attention to prep details or this is the handiwork of an inexperienced refinisher.

Peeling And Chipping Bathtub

The DIY kits lack the proper strength that is needed to withstand the abuse that a bathtub is exposed to. The abrupt shock of the water going from hot to cold, the strength of the flow of the water in the bathtub, and people standing and sitting on that area quickly contribute to a coating failure and result in a peeling or chipping bathtub. An inexperienced re finisher will rush through or may be unaware, of the crucial steps involved in preparing the surface of a bathtub for proper adhesion.

A professional bathtub refinishing service should carefully treating the surface, so the entire surface is porous and ready to accept our coatings. Porcelain, cultured marble, laminate, ceramic, acrylic, plastic and granite are all very different in their composition and require knowledge and experience to understand how to properly treat the surface so coatings have maximum adhesion. This is the key to a coatings longevity, which can be 10 years or longer with proper care.

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