Homeowners Must-learn 2022: What Is Your Home Improvement Style?

If your home is at least five years old, chances are, there will be some things that you’d like to improve on.

Whether it is a bedroom, a family room, the living room, or the kitchen, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Replacing an object or two can sometimes make the difference in renovating a room.

Splash on new paint, replace a lampshade, buy a new set of sheets, install new tiles, or buy a new set of dinnerware to bring life to a dull, overused space. Who says renovating has to be expensive to be effective?

There are several magazines and books that can give you brilliant ideas on home improvements. Nonetheless, the important thing is that you have to keep in mind what space is used for? And then plan accordingly.

A well-planned renovation can go a long way in cutting costs and mishaps. Be observant of your surroundings. You can pick up a lot of ideas just by studying a neighbor’s living room, a restaurant’s reception area, a hotel’s lobby, or even your best friend’s foyer. You can, definitely, get a lot of ideas from anywhere.

This, combined with your own ideas, usually spells out your own style and personality. But here is a good tip. I find that going minimal in the early stages of renovation can help in planning how to make use of the space. It is better to have a few essential items in a room than to have several and not know where to put everything.

If you go minimal, then you can build a better space by slowly adding items into it than buying everything for that ready-made look. Any space is better when the items you find in it are filled with memories and stories from where or why you bought it or even who gave it.

Hence bear in mind, when remodeling it is best to have fun.

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