Household Facts 2022: What Is Rubber Floor Covering And What Are Its Advantages?

Rubber floor coverings are made with application of mineral fillers and dyes, and are a product of long vulcanization of rubber with use of the modern process equipment. The material doesn’t contain any heavy metals, halogens, asbestos, formaldehyde, cadmium and volatile compounds.

Thanks to a special manufacturing process the rubber floors don’t change their qualities during long terms of service that it’s why they have very wide spectrum of application and get the increasing popularity. Due to a number of unique properties rubber becomes an optimum variant for public and private rooms with a large passableness level.

The Main Advantages Of Rubber Floor Coverings

Economical cleaning and comfort in operation: thanks to a dense surface of coverings they are easily cleaned from pollution, dust and stains.

Exception of a nutrient medium for bacteria and microbes: from the hygienic point of view, rubber coverings perfectly approach for inhabited and administrative buildings. The conditions for accumulation of allergenic agents (ticks, dust etc.) are not created on them in comparison with textile coverings.

Comfortableness by walking due to stable elasticity: coatings possessing elasticity do walking comfortable; promote ergonomic design of a workplace.

Wear resistance: rubber floors are capable to keep their characteristics of durability by intensive mechanical loadings (under pressure of chairs, by movement of a considerable quantity of people) for a record-breaking long term.

Wide opportunities of design: the colour scale of rubber coverings consists of a majority of colours and drawings that meets the most advanced tendencies and structure of a material that differs with a variety of surface. All this allows selecting of an individual and unique design for each room.

Fire safety: the rubber covering meets the requirements of the international standard for prevention of accidents. Rubber floor coverings don’t contain any polyvinylchloride, plasticizers and halogens, that’s why in case of a fire they don’t emit active gases which lead to a chemical burn of respiratory ways. Besides rubber generates less than 2 kW of a static electricity, thus there aren’t any discharges which occur from contact with metal parts.

Noise absorption: floor coverings differ with a high noise absorbing properties reaching 18 decibels.

Besides high technical characteristics rubber coverings possess ample opportunities for interior design thanks to the large variety of textures and colours. The surface can be smooth and with silky-matte shine, “slate” and with the texture in the form of the round or square button. Colour versions also are various: monophonic or with grainy drawing, in geometrical peas or with free designs like marble. By creation of interiors there are possibility of inlay packing and also application of inserts from other materials: stone, wood or carpet.

The sphere of application of rubber floors is very wide: all those places which have the big mechanical loadings and where the use of a wear resistant material is required.

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