How To Hire A “Green” Home Cleaning Service In 2021?

Do you want to leave a smaller carbon footprint?  Wake Up helps you with your going green attempts with home cleaning.

Here are our tips for hiring a “green” cleaning service:

  • Research the company: Do your homework to determine if the cleaning company is as environmentally-friendly as it claims. They should provide you information to explain its green claims.
  • Are they certified? If the cleaning service touts itself as “green certified,” check out who did the certification for the cleaning products and equipment. Ask whether the staff frequently undergoes training with green cleaning procedures.
  • Ask about their products: Don’t just take labels at face value. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, the product may not be as green as you think. If you want to make your own products, ask the company if they are willing to incorporate those into their cleaning service.
  • The cost: The initial cleaning visit will typically cost more because it will take the crew longer on that first visit to restore a level of cleanliness than it will to maintain that level with a regular cleaning schedule.

Ask how far in advance you need to schedule a cleaning. Most cleaning services operate two weeks in advance.

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