Interior Decoration Ideas 2022: How Can We Design Awesome Concrete Floors?

The concrete floors are basically made in industrial facilities. But in view of their practicality and low cost owners of cottages carry out concrete floors in garages, barns, working rooms, other utility rooms.

The Design Of Concrete Floor

The whole technology of a concrete floor construction looks as follows:

  • Preparation of the basis
  • Placing of reinforcement and directing bars
  • Pouring of a concrete solution and its leveling
  • Concrete troweling
  • Impregnating by dust – removing means or putting of polymeric coatings.

The thickness of concrete depends on the loading which is supposed on this concrete floor. The concrete mix moves mainly from the holding furnace by means of a concrete pump or, in house conditions, buckets. By means of the putty knife the mix is evenly spread at walls and columns which are partitioned off from flooring by settlement joints. These joints are arranged as follows: the polyethylene band with thickness of 3-5 mm is placed round columns and along outdoor and interior walls of a building that allows preventing the cracking of the concrete floor because of the settlement of a building.

Application Of Reinforcing Agentz

If there is a need of the reinforced top layer the reinforcing agent, a dry mix from concrete, polymers, pigments and fillers (quartz, corundum or metallic depending on loadings), is spread on the surface before a concrete troweling. It is rubbed in green concrete some hours after its laying and interacts with water available in concrete. The monolithic structure with a concrete base is formed in the process. The reinforcing agent increase a bit the cost of a concrete floor, but its use allows improving strength of a floor surface in two-three times. Also the dust separation is considerably decreased by use of a concrete floor.

Compaction By Vacuum

In some cases the compaction by vacuum of green concrete solution is also applied to remove water from concrete. This operation gives as a result the improving of characteristics of a concrete floor:

  • Crack resistance improves
  • Strength of a top layer of concrete increases,
  • The time of strength development decreases.

Fibrous Concrete

Nowadays the fiber -reinforced concrete with add-on of a metallic fiber – fragments of a jagged steel wire which considerably increases the compression and tensioning strength of concrete (especially of a top layer) – is more and more widely used for the design of concrete floors. The fiber add-on also reduces probability of a cracking.

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