Knowing More About Flooring Materials 2022: Laying Of Linoleum Under The Modern Technologies

The linoleum, traditional floor covering, has got new “breath” with the development of modern technologies. Today the wide spectrum of various sorts of linoleum is presented on market. There are two basic sorts – polyvinylchloride and natural one.

Natural Linoleum

As follows from its name, it contains preferentially natural components. Due to linseed oil it becomes antibacterial. It is baneful for known bacteria and keeps this feature over the all time of its use. Natural linoleum:

  • is ecologically pure one;
  • is antistatic one;
  • is resistant to household chemicals and corrosive media;
  • can be placed on heated floors;
  • does not change structure with the time.

Such a linoleum can be unsupported and with a support in the capacity of which the nonwoven or cloths from natural fibers are applied.

PVC Linoleum

Despite a fact that it contains polyvinylchloride, it is considered harmless in use that is confirmed by the hygienic certificate. The most universal type of PVC linoleum is the multilayer vinyl covering. A material support consists of a glass cloth which coats the PVC from two sides. The glass-fiber support is covered by underlayer from inside. It can be jute, cloth, polyester or from foamed PVC. There is a variety of special heterogeneous linoleum sorts: noise absorbing, antistatic and electricity-conductive and also non-slip linoleum for damp rooms.

The Linoleum Application Variants

According to a range of application and wearing quality the vinyl linoleum is divided on two groups: household (for home use) and commercial (for office). Drawing of the commercial coverings penetrates through the whole thickness of material that provides a proper view even by high level of wear. The daily loading on coating square meter can reach 5 tons. Such linoleum will serve ten years without a visible deterioration of exterior view of a floor thanks to a polyurethane support.

Among commercial coverings there are materials with special properties. So anti-static linoleum in which structure carbon fibers are interspersed is used in rooms where a considerable quantity of equipment works simultaneously, for example, in banking and medical institutions.

There are two important parameters that reflect the quality of linoleum: its density and weight. The heavier the linoleum is, the better it is. There are more pure PVC and less air used, and as a result the density is higher. It is more difficult to press through and tear.

The wear layer also reflects the quality of a material. It can be from 0, 15 mm (the most low-cost linoleum, it can be used as temporary alternative) to 0, 6 mm (office coverings).

The most important features of qualitative linoleum:

  • There isn’t any foxy smell;
  • There is no greasy luster;
  • There is a relief;
  • Bright, up-to-date design;
  • Accurate and natural drawing;
  • The step of drawing reaches 1-1,5 meters;
  • The linoleum of the prime class has a logo of a producer;
  • It consists of five and more layers.

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