Look For Some New Ideas For Home Interior Design? Learn Different Types Of Bamboo Floors (2022)

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Mobile Tabletop Saw – Being portable and handy to use, it can do perfectly along with the miter cuts. You can use this Tabletop Saw for all kitchen and living room flooring and trim install. Working out your own home projects, this light-weighted Saw could be carried easily around.

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Carbonized Bamboo Floors

Do you have any basic conception about carbonized bamboo floor? What is carbonized bamboo flooring? Basically, people are very much familiar with traditional bamboo flooring. The bamboo is natural raw product which is nurtured and grown in forest. China is the leading producer and distributor of the bamboos. Now, bamboos are flexible in nature. Bamboo strands will reinforce the floor. Carbonized bamboo floors are elegant and shinning. However, are carbonized bamboo floors harder and stronger than original bamboo floors? The carbonized bamboo flooring is not harder than the traditional bamboos? Then why will people opt for the carbonized bamboo floors? In actuality, the traditional bamboo tubes are natural in color. The pale yellow straw like color of the bamboo is attractive and natural.

Why Do People Prefer Carbonized Bamboo Floors?

However, there are many guys who feel that their rooms will not be properly designed if the original light yellow color of bamboo is chosen for the home decoration. That’s why; they prefer the good carbonized bamboo floors which will be more elegant and brighter. The dazzling dark color shades of the carbonized bamboos will really boost up the glamour and elegance of the rooms.

Are Carbonized Bamboo Floors Similar To Natural Wood Staining?

There is another common question which people often ask the experts whether carbonized bamboo floors are similar to the natural wood staining process. The answer will be negative. That means, the natural wood staining actually does harm to the wood. Wood staining will decrease the durability of the wooden floor. The chemical solution enters into the small pores of the surface of the wood floor and it will decrease the strength and longevity of the floor. However, on the other hand, carbonized bamboo floors are made in different way. The carbonized dark color is produced through heating process. Therefore, there is no scope of melting the color into the pores. It is permanent and quite safe.

Is Carbonize Bamboo Floor Soft?

Finally, people ask whether the carbonized bamboo floor is very soft and less hard. It is soft but it won’t be broken into pieces after some days. Good quality Aluminum Oxide is used to insulate the carbonized bamboo floor. The covering of Aluminum Oxide on the carbonized bamboo flooring will naturally increase the durability of the products. However proper care needs to be taken to protect your carbonized bamboo floor. Cleaning the bamboo floor with a vacuum cleaner will increase the elasticity and longevity of the carbonized bamboo floors. However you need to take the special measure to keep the bamboo floor out of the frost, dew and moisture.

Engineered Bamboo Floor

If you want to decorate your rooms in new way, you must select the engineered bamboo floors. Engineered bamboo flooring is the compact form of bamboo and woodwork. That means, the floor designers basically use both timber and bamboos to make the engineered bamboo flooring. The engineered bamboo flooring will be more suitable to design the concrete ground surface. This type of bamboo floor is basically made of a layer of 4 centimeter thick bamboo and the rest of the wood. This engineered bamboo is long lasting and elegant. The floor will be glamorous and beautiful.

More About Engineered Bamboo Floor

In America, the modern luxurious kitchen rooms, bed rooms, lounge and the store room are decorated with engineered bamboos. There are different sizes and shapes of the engineered bamboo floors. However, before the installation of the engineered bamboo covers for the floor decoration, you will have to measure the size of the rooms. A 1900 x 190 x 14 mm sized engineered bamboo floor will be well fitted to the room. There are two types of color shades like natural color and carbonized tint. You can choose the eye catching colors of the engineered bamboo from the wide range of collection. The solid and durable engineered bamboo flooring will resist rough weather.

Often it is seen that the floor designers prefer to coat the bamboo floor with Aluminum Oxide. You will get good warranty offer with the engineered bamboo flooring. Minimum 2 years and maximum 25 years warranty is offered with engineered bamboo flooring. On the other hand, engineered strand bamboo flooring structure has been newly launched into the market. Engineered Strand bamboo floors will be more effective than oak wood made floor. According to the experts, this type of sophisticated flooring is usually applicable to such places where the oak doesn’t perform well. You will get both massive longevity and natural beauty options by installing engineered bamboo floors.

Natural Bamboo Floors

The usage of the bamboo was started long way back. Bamboo is good natural product and it is light in weight and flexible. The bamboo is also easy to handle. There are many dudes who have the strong wish to decorate the floors of their houses with bamboos. Natural bamboo flooring is good and attractive. The natural color of the bamboo flooring will increase the attractiveness of the rooms. Viewers will be pleased to see the natural bamboo floors. The professional architect and interior designers prefer the bamboo materials for designing the kitchen, breakfast nook, lounge and bed room.

Why Natural Bamboo Floors Are Preferred?

People like to use bamboos for designing the floors because these natural products will not pollute the air. The bamboo structure is durable and it will provide the comfort to the feet of the walkers inside the rooms. Bamboo grows at much higher speed and therefore the availability of bamboo is huge and the price of this natural material is still low. Natural bamboo floors are elegant and these floors will provide the lifetime durability warranty. Environment will be fully protected and safeguarded as these bamboos will not produce any harmful impact. The installation of the natural products is less complicated and convenient. If someone wants the natural beauty of the rooms, he will have to install the bamboos in the room for decoration of the floor.

According to the competent floor designers, the bamboo is more durable and competent than maple wood. Even it can compete with oak wood in terms of the longevity and strength. Customers are glad to buy the bamboos for constructing the indoor floors which will be more attractive and lustrous. You can comfortably walk on the bamboo made floor as it is smooth and flawless. The feet will not be injured or wounded as the bamboo floor is flexible, comfortable to walk and more resilient.

Woven Strand Bamboo Flooring

Woven bamboo floor is becoming famous among the guys who like to opt for the woven bamboo flooring due to the flexibility, resilience and easy upkeep process. Bamboo is the natural product and it has been used by the eminent architects and professional floor designers. Bamboo is not a tree as per the statement of the experts. They claim that bamboo is a type of green grass which grows in huge volume in Asian countries. Woven strand bamboo flooring can be designed in unique way.

More About Woven Strand Bamboo Flooring

This woven strand bamboo flooring is environment friendly. It is a new type of bamboo flooring. Stand woven bamboo flooring products are manufactured by utilizing Moso bamboo tubes. The Moso bamboo strips are boiled in hot water and a soft pulp like Moso bamboo paste is prepared for constructing the floor. The solid construction of the woven strand bamboo flooring will be capable of taking the overload of the footsteps. You can move the furniture pieces comfortably across the bamboo floor.

There are different sorts of woven bamboo flooring installations. Nailing or stapling the woven strand bamboo flooring is fantastic way of installation. This woven strand bamboo flooring just looks like oak hardwood flooring. The experts have opined that oak tree takes at least 100- 130 years to get full maturity. It is long time for the full growth of the oak trees. On the other hand, bamboo grass takes just 3 years or a year more to grow naturally into maturity. That’s why; bamboo tubes can be utilized to design the floors of the rooms. Comparing to the traditional bamboo flooring, woven strand bamboo flooring is more advantageous and beneficial.

According to the professional installers, in the case of the conventional bamboo flooring, there will be few extra bamboo pieces. These pieces will not be used to make the planks. This wastage material will have to be thrown into the vat. However, this type of wastage is not found in the woven strand bamboo flooring. The boiled pulp of the Moso bamboo strips will be used for making the bamboo flooring. There will be no surplus strips or bamboo tubes. It is totally pollution free. Your health will be completely protected by opting for this sort of modern and sophisticated bamboo flooring option.

If you like to let the bamboo floor last for many years without being damaged, you need to clean the bamboo floor. Ambient´s bamboo flooring cleanser can be applied to the bamboo floor for keeping it in good condition. Use soft broom or brush for the removal of the dust particles from the surface of the bamboo floor.

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