Must-know Household Facts – Basic Guidelines In Water Heater Replacement 2021

Water heaters shouldn’t be taken for granted since they are responsible for providing hot water running in our taps. Having access to warm water is important, especially when taking showers, washing clothes and cleaning dishes. That is why it is essential to maintain a water heater regularly to keep it in its tip-top shape. Neglecting to inspect the tank from time to time can cause water to flood your basement or stream through the floorboards. When this happens, you might have to take cold showers for a day or two until you’ve bought a replacement.

Follow The Below Guidelines When Replacing Water Heater

Prepare Yourself When There Is Water Heater Issues

Keep yourself calm whenever you come across water heater issues. Before carrying out any repairs, it is safe to shut down the heating source of the unit. Turn off the circuit breaker if you have an electric heater while shut down the gas supply valve if you have a gas-fired unit. Wipe water puddles as soon as you see them around your water heater to avoid electric shocks. Do not let water enter the tank during the repair process by turning off the cold water supply beforehand. Doing these steps is necessary to protect you from accidents.

Keep Your Eyes On The Water Tank Regularly

To know what necessary actions are needed, inspect your tank on a regular basis. You might want to replace your water heater if you have been using it for over a decade. Old water heaters usually run inefficiently as they age, producing less hot water than they used to in the past. Using an old heating system can also cause your electric bill to soar in the long run.

Sometimes You Have To Buy A New One Instead Of Repairing Frequently

It is normal for every homeowner to encounter water heater problems. However, this has to stop if you have been carrying out repairs frequently. If your unit has been failing you over a period of time, it’s better to invest your hard-earned money in buying a new replacement. Heating systems that have undergone frequent maintenance can stop operating sooner than expected.

Locating The New One In Case The Current One Breaks Down

Start looking for a new water heater right before your current unit breaks down. Doing this gives you more time to shop for the best heating system that will meet your hot water demands. Electric water heaters are expected to last for 15 years while gas water heaters can last up to 12 years. If you want a more durable heating system, check out tankless water heaters in your local hardware. These kinds of heaters don’t have a storage tank to keep the water insulated all time, saving you space and energy at the same time. These heaters can be expensive since they are more durable than traditional units.

Buy An Energy-efficient Water Heater

It is normal for your electric bill to increase during chilly seasons. This is because all heating devices are often used with a colder climate. You can avoid this from happening by making sure all your devices are energy-efficient. An old water heater that operates inefficiently can consume more power than it used to. If you’ve always wanted to cut back on your electric bill, buying a replacement heater might do the trick.

Plan To Buy A Replacement Unit

Always do your research whenever it’s time to buy a replacement unit. Doing this ensures that all your hot water demands will be met. Strive to have a plan on hand to avoid committing the mistake of buying a water heater haphazardly. You can always ask advice from a specialist if you are not sure what heater will suit your household needs.

Consult A Specialist Before Replacing The Water Heater

Calling a specialist prior to replacing your water heater is important. Have your unit inspected to see if it can no longer be replaced. Sometimes, it just needs a tweak or two to keep it running smoothly. However, if the unit has been acting up from time to time, it might be best to buy a replacement water heater.

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