Queries On Bathroom Remodeling 2022 – What Actually Does Renovate A Bathroom Cost?

Cost for a bathroom remodeling varies depending on the size of the remodel and the materials and fixtures you select, and whether you do most of the work yourself or decide to contract the job out.

A remodel on a do-it-yourself basis usually runs between $5000 and $9000. If you contract it out the average cost runs $10,000 to 20,000. But, of course, these are only general estimates since each job is a different size, and the selection of materials can vary widely.

The first thing to determine is how much of a remodel you need or want. Bathroom fixtures are very durable if cared for, and possibly some of them don’t need replacing.

What is the source of dissatisfaction with your current bathroom? Does it simply need some updating, or is it really beyond salvaging, and you need a whole fresh start?

Begin to consider what you want in your new bathroom. Do you want a separate tub and shower, or a shower only? If you want both as separate units, will you have enough space? Shower-tub combinations are not as popular as they once were, but if you want both and you are limited for space it is a practical solution.

If the cabinets in your bathroom are wood and showing some signs of wear, they can possibly be reclaimed by putting in a little sweat equity and sanding them down and adding a colored stain. There are many stains other than just wood stains. You may be able to refinish both your vanity base and any other cabinets in your bath and replace the knobs and drawer handles and give it a whole new look. Then all you need is a new vanity top.

Tile, Wood Laminate, and vinyl are popular for bathroom floors

Tile is very durable and you can save a bundle if you install it yourself. It isn’t difficult to install if you have good instructions and follow them. Allow time for each process and know what materials and tools you need before starting the job.

Wood laminate is popular, and one advantage is that it also is fairly easy to install, and once it is down, the job is done since it is a finished product. Make sure your building supply knows it is to be installed in a bathroom, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, so you don’t void the warranty. Keep in mind that bathrooms are moist environments.

Vinyl is also very popular. It is easy to clean, easy on the feet and holds up well in the moist environment of a bathroom. Prices vary widely from inexpensive to pretty pricey.

Decide what extra bathroom amenities or accessories you want

There are lots of extras for bathrooms these days. Showers can have massaging jets, sound systems, phones, steam and more. There are heating grids that can be installed under your flooring, towel warmers and many other extras.

Do some thorough shopping, make some choices, decide if you can do all or some of the work yourself, and you will have the information you need to determine what a bathroom remodel will cost.

I find it is wise once you have a figure in mind that you add 20% so you have some leeway in case a situation arises you didn’t count on. If it turns out you don’t need the extra money, maybe you can use it elsewhere in your household, or if you borrowed the money, you can apply it on the loan, but things often do happen that you don’t expect when you are remodeling a bathroom so it’s better to be prepared.

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