Read This Carpet Floors Review And Guide, Understand How To Clean And Treat Your Carpets (2021)

Most people purchase carpets – statistically, you’re probably one of them. If so, this article should be of some use to you, since it holds forth at considerable length about carpets, and carpet floor coverings. Carpet floor coverings, obviously enough, are nothing but carpets – I suppose one could buy coverings for carpets, some sort of dust-sheet, for instance, to protect the carpet if one us to leave it unrolled in an empty house for some length of time, but that is not the subject of this article – carpets are, and so here a carpet floor covering is simply a carpet, nothing less or more.

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Different Kinds Of Carpets

That is not to say, of course, that carpet floor coverings are in any way ‘less’. As we were saying, most people purchase carpets, of one size or another. Carpets, and other floor coverings, come in a variety of sizes, from a rug, to an area-rug, to a carpet floor mat, to a wall-to-wall carpet – no matter the size of your house and/or apartment, the style and size of your furniture, the colour of your walls and the heft of your bank-balance, somewhere or the other, there is a carpet floor covering that is just right for you in weight and warp and price and dimensions. After all, carpets come not only in a variety of sizes, but in a variety of makes, each best suited for a certain décor – a Persian carpet might be your carpet floor covering of choice, if your rooms are elegant and sophisticated, and evoke and invoke an old-world charm; a colourful woollen carpet, though much simpler, would work far better as the carpet floor covering in a modern room, painted in cold colours and filled with metal furniture, it would lend a spot of colour and warmth to the room, humanise it.

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Picking The Right Carpet

Picking the right carpet floor covering is very important – it’s an integral part of your décor, and an unsuitable carpet is every bit as bad as buying a dining-table that clashes with the chairs, or placing a steel end-table in the same bedroom as an ornately-carved, hardwood bed. It’s the sort of fashion faux pas that can entirely ruin the effect of an otherwise perfectly appointed room. So you should spend some time looking over all available carpet floor coverings, and evaluate your options before making a final purchase – if possible take along a sample of the curtain-fabric, you don’t want the carpet to clash with the drapes, after all.

Carpet Floor Cleaners

Carpet floor cleaners are essential for cleaning your carpets, so that they remain visually attractive, and their durability increases. The carpet cleaning chemical manufacturers have been trying to improve the carpet floor cleaning products for the last 20 years. Different sorts of cleaning procedures have been advocated for the Industrial sector and for household purposes of which steam cleaning seems to be the most popular method of cleaning carpet floors in the modern age.

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Methods Of Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also known as the hot water extraction method, involves the usage of a detergent based solution. The solution is spread on the carpet, allowed to soak in for a specified time span before being removed by a manual or an automatic cleaning tool. If you go in for this method of carpet floor cleaning, you must take care to see that the post-cleaning extraction is done with care, as this method uses more water than all the other methods. Otherwise, there is a risk of the embedded dirt rising to the surface and turning the carpet brownish.

Parts of the carpet that are heavily soiled need to be pre- treated with strong detergents or emulsifiers, which help in removing the dirt that has managed to ingrain itself in the carpet fibres, in a relatively short while. These carpet floor cleaners are sprayed onto the affected areas prior to dry cleaning. They should not be allowed to remain for more than 15 minutes. In addition, thorough carpet brushing is also carried on to make sure that the pre-treatment chemicals work effectively.

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  • Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning involves the use of specialized machines and the ‘very low moisture’ system. It is more popular now because of the rapidity with which the carpet dries. One of the carpet floor cleaners is an absorbent, biodegradable compound, which is spread evenly over the carpet, attracts the ingrained dirt and can be vacuumed off, leaving the carpet floor clean, almost immediately. Another process that is useful for both industrial and residential purposes, is the use of the encapsulation method, which creates a crystalline residue that can be vacuumed off.

  • Traditional Methods

Some of the traditional methods used for carpet floor cleaning for household purposes are still effective to some extent. The procedure of removing stains with lemons, turpentine or oxalic acid still work well. The vacuum cleaner is one of the traditional carpet floor cleaners, which is still very much in use.

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