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Various types of materials are used in bathroom wall and ceilings. You can try wood, plaster, mortar beds, backer boards or drywall.

Recently I read a post on bathroom wall and ceilings on Bathroomwall.com. The blog puts light on some specialized treatments and materials that can be used for modern bathroom wall decoration.

What I liked about the post is that before going on with the details of specialized treatments and materials, the author described about the importance of checking the structure of ceilings and walls. Covered drywall and batt insulated 2x stud walls are important for standard construction.

Importance Of Using Drywall

For the bathrooms, it is essential to install moisture resistant drywall. These walls come with green paper covering and thus these are also named as green-board. The inclusion of asphalt emulsions in the core of gypsum makes these bathroom wall and ceilings water resistant.

Usage Of Mortar Beds And Backer Boards

“In wet areas under a tile installation, like in a shower surround, a cement-based backer board or a traditional floated mortar bed should be used rather than MR drywall,” says the author.

Moisture resistant material is not always sufficient for the installation of bathroom ceilings and walls. I personally think that using fiber-mesh cement backer board is light in comparison to the customary mortar bed. Most importantly, they do not change shape with the change of humidity or temperature.

Usage Of Plaster

Many people use plaster to cover wall and ceiling because the installation is easy. The look is different from the dry walls. If you opt for three-coat plaster for bathroom wall and ceilings then it can be expensive to standard drywall.

The author has described this in details- “Traditional three-coat plaster—consisting of an initial scratch coat to adhere to the lath, a brown coat that levels the surface, and a finish coat—is labor-intensive and thus expensive, typically costing at least twice as much to install per square foot as standard drywall.”

Wood Usage

Last but not the least, you can also use wood for surfacing wall. These are durable and sophisticated.

Inspired from: http://bathroomwall.com/page/The-basic-of-bathroom-walls-and-ceilings-2

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