Struggling How To Renovate Your Floors? Take A Look On Laminate Flooring Guide (2022)

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is composed of several layers of synthetic flooring product, which are fused together using lamination techniques – hence the name. Laminate flooring is usually composed of an inner core of fiber board materials and melamine, on top of which is applied a photographic appliqué material – usually wood, though some laminate flooring can resemble stone, instead – all of it sheathed beneath a clear protective layer.

Tools For Laminate Flooring

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Features Of Laminate Flooring

  • Cheaper than various natural flooring materials – an actual hardwood floor would cost you several times the amount of money you require to purchase laminate flooring that imitates it
  • Much more durable than the quality of carpet that can be purchased with the same amount of money
  • Extremely attractive – possessing the appearance of the wood and/or stone it is imitating, and being far glossier
  • Easy to install – one can do it by oneself, without bothering to hire people; it can be a home-improvement project, undertaken over the course of a single weekend, even – since it is often sold with glue backing, and all that needs to be done is to clean the pre-existent floor, and unroll the sheets of laminate flooring, granting you a brand-new floor.

Types Of Laminate Flooring

Of course, as we’ve mentioned already, not all laminate flooring resembles wood.

White Laminate Flooring

Some white laminate flooring, for instance, looks like marble, granting you the appearance of a marble floor at a mere fraction of the price – it is also much easier to clean than marble, and extremely unlikely to chip off, though calling it more durable than marble might be a fallacy of sorts. Of course, you might prefer your white laminate floor to resemble oak instead of marble, and that, too, is easily done – a wide range of choices in laminate flooring, whether white laminate flooring or black, or red, or grey, or some other colour and texture entirely, is available at most shops that stock flooring material.

Black Laminate Flooring

Black laminate flooring, for instance, can resemble a slate or granite floor, or look as though sculpted from some other, darker igneous rock; conversely, you can purchase and install a black laminate floor that resembles a walnut wood floor; all of it available at much less than the actual material would have cost.

It is not difficult to purchase laminate flooring, not to install a laminate floor. However, the plethora of options often means that you are spoiled for choice, and might find it difficult to actually commit to purchasing any specific flooring.

The Technology Of Laminate Floors

Today the laminated floors can be bought both in specialized stores and in any market of building materials. This floor material becomes more and more popular due to a minimum of the problems relating to its repair and maintenance. You can not be afraid that it will be damaged by children being rolled on rollers; it is possible to walk barefoot on it, because the covering is warm and absolutely harmless unlike cold synthetic linoleum.

What does an up-to-date laminated panel represent? It is a plate from the strong fiberboard 80-95 % consisting from a pressed wood and coated with a layer of strong wear resistant plastic material. Under it there is a film with drawing, plus defensive and stabilizing layers. Basically there is only one stabilizing layer, but in more expensive collections can be two to make the panel spreading from above (under drawing) and from below equal.

The laminate has been developed and started to be produced by firm «Perstorp Flooring» (Sweden) in the beginning of 80th years. Now the laminate is also produced by firms “Aicher” (Germany), «Alsapan» (France), «Uniclic Decor» (Belgium), Pergo (Sweden), EGGER, Kronospan, Tarkett and others.

Selecting Laminated Floor

By selecting the laminated floor it is necessary to pay attention to a base of the panel and its density. In the accompanying documentation it is often possible to meet abbreviation HDF.

Laminate Manufacturing Methods

High Density Fibreboard

According to the structure it is analogue of a domestic fiberboard. Identification HDF (High Density Fibreboard) means that the bearing base of the panel is produced of a plate of high density (more than 800 kg/m3). The majority of up-to-date laminated floors are produced from HDF because the base density is very essential factor directly influencing technical data of a covering. The higher the density is, the higher the mechanical strength of plate against breaking and shock resistance, and the stability to pressure and the long-term loadings are. And the most important thing is that the resistance of a floor to moisture impact is also improved.

Direct Pressure Laminate

Other laminate manufacturing methods is DPL (Direct Pressure Laminate) and means that all layers of which a future laminate panel will consist get under a press and are stuck together simultaneously. As a result initial materials change their physic-chemical properties being joined in a single whole – the ready panel. Application of DPL technology has essentially reduced the price of production so has allowed to produced the laminated coverings of high quality in large quantities that are available to users with any level of incomes.

The parquet from DPL is offered by the majority of producers and these products are of an optimum average price.

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