Stunning Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Learn About Tile Bathtub Refinishing Process? (2022)

4 Major Steps Of Tile Bathtub Refinishing Process

  1. First, we sand the bathtub or tile
  2. Second, we acid etch bathtub or tile making it very porous.
  3. Third, we spray two coats of primer over the bathtub. The primer we use is a water-resistant Poly Urethane Primer with an Adhesion Promoter which is designed for surfaces. The primer has a Silane coupling agent added to it before we apply it to the bathtub. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that an ADHESION PROMOTER is applied to the primer.

Bathtub Refinishing Final Process

4. For the final step we spray 4-5 coats of poly urethane over the primer but what is very important to the consumer is the actual chemical being used, and that is a acrylic polyurethane enamel which looks and feels like natural porcelain. The chemical we use is an Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel, which is the ONLY chemical that should be used in our industry, and is used by 95% of the professional refinishing companies throughout the USA.

Note: Process takes about 4 hours, then only 5 hours later you can use your tub,tile or sink. We use special materials to allow one of the fastest drying times in the industry. The caulking services can only be completed after the tub has dried for about an hour.

Note:You can opt for non-skid materials to avoid slipping and accidents .

This is a stencil that we use to create the shape of an oval lightly sandy “salt like texture” compared to your refinished bathtub. It still retains the shine but with the feel of grip under your feet for maximum protection to not slip. End result it give the appearance of factory imbedded finish.

Bathtub Refinishing Colors

Note: We can process any color available at Sherwin William- To attain the color that you desire, please check the color wheel and look for 4 digit number for that color. That is the way to match any color. There will be an additional cost for custom colors. Custom colors usually require an extra charge and take 7 to 10 days to deliver.

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