Things Home Owners May Not Know 2021: What Is Floor Warming System And Why Is It Important?

Temperature on a floor surface is an indicator of comfort level of a room. Therefore the floor system should be encased well for warmth-keeping. The floors of the residential buildings which are situated in immediate proximity from a ground, being in contact to exterior air or separating heated rooms from not heated should be provided with the heat insulation. It allows achieving two purposes: to reduce costs for heating and to increase comfort of habitation.

The materials used for the heat insulation of floors should have a high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity and ability to preserve initial heat-insulating parameters during a long time even at impact of moisture and mechanical loadings. A heat insulation material should be convenient in work, easy in cutting, simple and fast in mounting with a small amount of waste that reduces the value of thermal insulation works to minimum.

The assortment of the materials applied to warming of floors is wide enough. Traditionally it is mineral wool, foam polystyrene etc. For each of these materials are developed constructive schemes of the floors design considering features of their application.

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Mineral wool differs by following properties:

  • high heat and sound insulating ability
  • fire-resistance
  • good water-resistance properties
  • resistance to mechanical impacts

The mineral wool for warming of floors is manufactured in the form of a flexible mat and a solid slab. The flexible mat is made from waterproofing mineral wool. From one of the sides it’s covered with a special perforated paper. This material is nonflammable. The mat is placed so that it faces heat insulated room with its backed surface.

The slab is also made from waterproofing mineral wool. One side of a slab possessing higher rigidness is marked by a dark blue strip. By mounting slabs the side marked with a dark blue stripe should be above. The slabs from mineral wool are mainly used as the single-layer heat insulation by the floor warming on the ground.

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