Understanding Room Flooring Decorating – Vinyl Tile Floors: Types, Installation, Advantages (2021)

Vinyl Floor Tiles: Inexpersive And Durable

The easiest way of sprucing up a room or an area is by laying vinyl floor tiles over your existing floor. These tiles can cover up almost all sorts of floors. Vinyl flooring tiles are generally inexpensive. They are fairly easy to install and easy to maintain as well. The fact that the vinyl floor tiles are waterproof and durable, is an added advantage. If maintained properly, vinyl flooring tiles can last for a considerably long period.

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Types Of Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Many types of vinyl flooring tiles are available in the market. Nowadays, you can find tiles that simulate wooden or marble flooring quite effectively. These tiles are found in different textures depending on the style of flooring that they seek to imitate.

Installing Vinyl Flooring Tiles

It is quite easy to install these tiles and any consumer can do it himself. The vinyl floor tiles come with adhesive backing. All you have to do is to peel off the backing and lay the tile on to the floor carefully. There are some tiles, however, that do not have the stick-on facility; in that case, you have to use some other adhesive. Before placing the tiles, the floor must be swept properly, so that it is free of dust and dirt, so that the surface is even. If there are grooves in your floor, they are likely to be seen through the vinyl flooring.

If you are in charge of the flooring of any institution, or industrial establishment, you might already be considering installing vinyl tile floors. Even if you’re a private home-owner reading this, vinyl tiles might prove to be just the thing you’re looking for. One major advantage of installing a vinyl tile floor is that you need not rip up the pre-existing floor. The floor can stay as is, provided it is a single, unbroken surface – tiled floors, admittedly, might have to be ripped up, but if you have a wooden, or concrete sheet, or stone floor, you only need to smoothen and/or level it by using floor joists. Once this has been done, the vinyl adhesive can be applied, and then the tiles can be stuck onto the floor, and allowed to set.

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In order to maintain the vinyl floor tiles, you must sweep it often. The floor must be mopped with water or a special cleaning agent. Detergents, waxes or other abrasives must be avoided at all costs.

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Fixing Tiles Over Vinyl Flooring

You might want to fix tiles over your existing vinyl flooring. Even if this procedure is not widely recommended, it is possible to place tiles over vinyl flooring with the help of modern technology. If your vinyl floor tiles were used to cover a smooth concrete floor, there should be no problem in laying the tiles over a vinyl floor. Of course, the floor should be swept clean first of all, before proceeding with the installation. A layer of latex modified thin-set mortar, approved by the manufacturers for use on vinyl flooring, is laid on the existing floor, on which the tile is placed.

You can change the decor of your room by simply changing the flooring to suit the furniture, upholstery or the color of the walls.

Vinyl tile flooring is constituted of twelve-inch squares of vinyl, usually about one-eighth inch in thickness, formed by compacting vinyl chips into sheets by the application of heat and pressure, and then cutting them into the standard size. These tiles are then applied to a sub-floor that has been prepared – levelled and smoothed – by the use of a vinyl adhesive that does not dry entirely, no matter how long it is left in the open air, and finally buffed and waxed with a special polish. The manner in which vinyl tile flooring is installed, as well as its relative cheapness, makes it the flooring of choice in medical and educational institutions, as indeed in any place that expects and sees a large amount of traffic – vinyl tile floors are easy to install, easy to maintain, last a long time under heavy use, and are as easy to tip up as they are to put down; the popularity is easily understood.

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Advantages Of Vinyl Tile Floors

Vinyl floor tiles are a great choice because of their durability, and relative cheapness. This makes them an extremely attractive choice for institutions. However, vinyl tile floors can also be a good option for a private home – durability and expense are as much a concern of the private as of the private purse, and vinyl tile floors can be as beautiful as they are durable. Vinyl floor tiles can be cut and shaped and arranged into attractive patterns that add a touch of colour and charm to the room – these days, they can even be made to resemble wood, terrazzo, stone, or concrete.

So decide on a vinyl tile floor, for all your needs.

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