Wanna Relocate Your House In (2022)? Types Of Moving Companies And Services You Have To Know!

If you have finally ventured to move, then first of all you need to decide on a moving company to cooperate with. If you choose the wrong mover, you risk paying more and getting less and even nothing useful from such cooperation. Below you can learn about the main types of moving companies and additional moving services to opt for.

Types Of Moving Companies

  • Local Movers operate within the same state jurisdiction and within 50 to 100 miles radius from your primary destination. These moving companies charge by the man-hour that is determined by the number of operators by the number of hours.
  • Long-Distance Movers also operate within the borders of a single state, but over 50-100 miles. Long-distance moving companies charge by the distance and the volume of your belongings.
  • Interstate Movers operate all over the country and perform moves across state lines regardless of the total distance. Intrastate moving companies charge just as long-distance movers, but frequently not the volume of your belongings but the weight will matter more.
  • International Movers operate among the different countries. If you are planning to move to another country, make sure to look for specialized moving companies because otherwise you risk losing some of your items due to customs regulations. The volume of your shipment will influence the cost of your international relocation.


In this section you can learn about the services you can opt for when cooperating with moving companies. For example movers of San Antonio were taken to determine the scope of offered services.

  • Truck rental. If you would like to move everything yourself, then you can simply hire a truck from a moving company without any additional assistance.
  • Packing/unpacking. This service is also used by people performing DIY moves. In case you have a big car, but don’t have time to pack everything, just hire experts to pack everything for you.
  • Special services. If you have some non-standard sized object or a valuable piece of art, then you can get some professional help of specialty moving companies that provide special packing and equipment for such belongings. Piano and pool tables are the most common object of specialty movers.
  • Self storage. It’s a common problem for those who are on the move not to have enough space at a new home or not being able to take everything at a time. As a result you may need to store some of your belongings in some place like self storage. A lot of companies in San Antonio provide this service for short-term needs. You won’t be able to rent a place for many years, but periods up to 18 months are available.

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