What Are The Most & Least Complained Home Improvement Services? (2022)

Consumers need to know the contract terms before they need them, and companies could do more to help them with that. Most of the complaints are about quality and professionalism, many of them based on a misunderstanding about what the warranties covered and the quality of the repair work ultimately done. Companies need to know how to listen to their customers. They need to take the time to know what their customers want and they deliver on that.

Home warranty companies earned the dubious distinction of worst customer service because consumers are often misinformed about what’s included in their coverage plans.

Also ranked among the worst customer service: cable TV and internet service providers, and home builders.

Often bigger purchases can make for more demanding customers, so those businesses pedaling pricier goods should be all the more attentive to their consumers’ concerns, such as offering a more personal service and probably sitting down with each consumer.

In these economic times it pays for companies to get back to basics and to take care of the little things that customers care about. If poor customer service doesn’t cost a sale at the time, it may jeopardize business in the future.

Top 10 Most Complained Home Improvement Services

  1. Home warranty companies
  2. Property management companies
  3. Internet service providers
  4. TV cable & satellite providers
  5. Wedding professionals – bridal and tuxedo shops, planners
  6. Dry cleaners
  7. Phone services
  8. Auto sales
  9. Car services – limos and taxi services
  10. Florists

Top 8 Least Complained Home Improvement Services

  1. Artwork/Mural services
  2. Dryer vent cleaning
  3. Home organization services
  4. Hauling services
  5. Screen repair
  6. Lighting services
  7. Ceiling fan installation
  8. Architects and building design

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